American band Impellitteri released their latest album, “The Nature of the Beast” through Frontiers Music on 12th October. This is the band’s eleventh full length studio album since forming in 1987. An interview with guitarist Chris Impellitteri was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 19th October - . That Show also featured four tracks from the new album; one of which was the single “Run For Your Life” which had previously been included on the Show on 27th July.

Chris Impellitteri and singer Rob Rock formed the band in 1987 and released a self-titled EP that same year. Shortly after that Graham Bonnet took over vocals for the debut album “Stand In Line” which was released in 1988. Rock returned for the second album in 1992 and provided vocals on another five albums between 1994 and 2000. Graham Bonnet then returned for “System X” in 2002 whilst Rob Rock pursued a solo career and “Pedal To The Metal” in 2004 featured Curtis Skelton on vocals. Rock returned again in 2008 for the release of “Wicked Maiden” in 2009 and “Venom” in 2015.


The current Impellitteri line-up features Chris Impellitteri on guitar, Rob Rock on vocals, James Pulli (who’s been with the band since 1992) on bass and Jon Dette on drums. Check out the band’s website -


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