“Firesign” is the sixth studio album from Swedish band Dynazty and it was released by AFM Records on 28th September. The band has been around for more than ten years, expanding their fan base and working with a number of record labels. This is their first album with AFM Records and it also signals a change in direction musically. Dynazty have stated that the album is their “most creative, dynamic and inspired album yet” and their “strongest effort so far”. Three tracks have been featured on the Friday NI Rocks Show so far – “Breathe With Me” (3rd Aug), “The Grey (7th Sept) and “Ascension” (5th Oct).


Dynazty formed in 2007 and released their debut album “Bring The Thunder” in 2009. That was followed by further albums in 2011 and 2012 before the band signed with Spinefarm Records. Together they released “Renatus” in 2014 and “Titanic Mass” in 2016.

Three of the bands founding members remain – vocalist Nils Molin, guitarist Rob Love Magnusson and drummer George Egg. They are joined by guitarist Mike Lavér and bass player Jonathan Olsson. (Egg and Olsson are also part of the band QFT alongside Linnéa Vikström from Therion - http://www.rockradioni.co.uk/interviews/3355-interview-with-linnea-vikstrom.html ).


Check out the band’s website - http://www.dynazty.com/

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