“The Ghost Light” is the third album from English band THEIA and it was released on 13th July by WDFD Records. The band have been touring around England and playing the UK festival circuit for a few years but I didn’t know much about them or have any of their previous releases until “The Ghost Light” appeared in my inbox. It only took a quick listen to know that I was going to like this band! The track “Throw Me A Bone” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 13th July.





The band’s website includes the statement – “We are THEIA. We play Rock N’ Roll… that’s all you need to know”. That probably does cover it, but if you’re looking for more info…the band formed in Burton-on-Trent and in the space of just a few years they’ve released a couple of EPs and three albums. The band was formed by vocalist and singer Kyle Lamley alongside childhood friend Paul Edwards who plays bass. They were joined by drummer Jake Dalton in 2016.

Following the release of a couple of EPs, the band released their debut album “Take The Pill” in September 2015. That was followed by “Back In Line” in June 2017. The new album “The Ghost Light” was supported by a successful PledgeMusic campaign.


Check out the bands website for more info - http://theiauk.com/


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