“First Blood” is the debut release from Germany-based band Glanville. The five track EP was released by Fat & Holy Records on CD and vinyl on 6th July, having previously being released digitally on 4th May. Glanville are a hard rock band who formed in Germany, but which has a multi-national line-up featuring members who have played in a number of other bands. The single “God Is Dead” is included on the Friday NI Rocks Show this week – 13th July.




Glanville was formed by guitarist Philipp Michel (from The Earwix and Milking The Goatmachine) and singer René Hoffman, who had previously played guitar in the band Wight as well as providing lead vocals. They were eventually joined by bass player Peter-Philipp Schierhorn (Wight and Fallen Tyrant), Namibian-born drummer Thomas Hoffman (Bushman) and English guitarist Chris West (Landskap).

The five tracks on the debut EP were recorded at a studio in Darmstadt, Germany in just two days and they definitely make a good first impression. Hopefully we’ll hear more from this hard-rock band in the near future.


Check out the band’s website - http://www.glanvilleofficial.com/


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