“Constellation” is the new album from the German band Fargo that originally formed in 1973 and released their last album in 1982. More than 35 years after that release the band reformed to record a new album which was released through Steamhammer/SPV on 25th May. The band had quite a bit of success up to 1984 when it morphed into the group Victory and had even more success. I’ve included the opening track “Step Back” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 1st June.




Fargo had formed in 1973 and released 4 albums between 1979 and 1982. Matthias Jabs from the Scorpions had been a member of the band in the early days. The last three albums were released by EMI and the band toured across Europe. All four albums featured Peter Knorn on bass and Peter Ladwig on guitar and lead vocals. Franky Tolle was the drummer for three of the albums. Hanno Grossman played guitar on the first three albums and was replaced by Tommy Newton for the final album “F”. Knorn and Newton were working on new Fargo album in 1984 when they moved over to the USA and changed the band’s name to Victory and had considerable success with Charlie Huhn from Ted Nugent as the vocalist. Knorn and Newton would remain involved in Victory until 2011.

After publishing an autobiography in 2016 Knorn was frequently asked about a Fargo reunion and the decision was made to reunite with vocalist and guitarist Peter Ladwig to record a new album. Original drummer Franky Tolle played on a couple of tracks, but the full band line-up features Nikolas Fritz (Mob Rules) on drums and guitarist Arndt Schulz.


Check out the bands Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/FargoGermany/



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