“Icons of the New Days” is the third album from Lords of Black and it was released via Frontiers Music on 11th May. The band has developed a wide support base since its foundation in 2014 not due only to the quality of the music, but as a result of lead singer Ronnie Romero being chosen by Richie Blackmore to front Rainbow. The release of this third album will only serve to enhance that following. I played the track “Icons of the New Days” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 16th March, “World Gone Mad” on 13th April and “When A Hero Takes A Fall” on 18th May.






Lords of Black formed in Spain in 2014 with guitarist Tony Hernando, drummer Andy C and Chilean singer Ronnie Romero. There have been a couple of changes in bass player, but Daniel Criado took over that role in 2017. The band released their self-titled debut in 2014 and were in the process of recording the follow-up in 2015 when Richie Blackmore announced his return and a new Rainbow line-up that featured Ronnie Romero on vocals. The band were subsequently signed to Frontiers and released the album “II” in March 2016.

In addition to fronting Lords of Black and Rainbow, Romero has been involved in a few other projects. He collaborated with Magnus Karlsson of Primal Fear in the band The Ferrymen who released an album in 2017; with Leo Leoni from Gotthard on the CoreLeoni album released earlier this year and with Japanese guitarist Nozomu Wakai in the band Destinia for the album “Metal Souls”.


Check out the band’s website at http://www.lordsofblack.com/


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