“As Time Turns To Dust” is the fourth album from French symphonic metal band Whyzdom and it was released on 6th April by Scarlet Records. The band have been around for about ten years and had a number of female singers in the initial years but Marie MacLeod has fronted Whyzdom since 2013 and this is her second album with the band. I included the track “Armageddon” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 6th April.


Whyzdom was formed in 2007 by guitarist and producer Vynce Leff. Their first EP was released in 2008, followed by their debut album in 2009. That album featured singer Telya Melane who departed from the band the following year. Former Xandria singer Lisa Middlehauve played some shows for the band as did Clémentine Delauney who is now part of Exit Eden. Whyzdom’s second album “Blind?” in 2012 featured Elvyne Lorient on vocals. Marie MacLeod (then Marie Rouyer) joined the band in January 2013 and the third album “Symphony for a Hopeless God” was released in 2015.

Other than the vocalist, all of the members of Whyzdom were part of the band when it formed in 2007. Vynce Leff on guitar and orchestration, Régis Morin on guitar, Marc Ruhlmann on keyboards, Tristan Demurger on bass and Nicolas Chaumeaux on drums.


There are 9 tracks on “As Time Turns To Dust”, each lasting between five and a half minutes and eight minutes. The theme of the album is apparently focused on the passing of time and the downfall of mankind.

Check out the band’s website - http://www.whyzdom.org/


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