Salty Dog were one of those LA bands from the late 80’s / early 90’s that looked like they could be set for great things, only to disappear virtually overnight. The only album to be released at the time was “Every Dog Has It’s Day”, and this was re-released recently. Salty Dog’s planned second album was recorded but never released; although it has previously made available by the band as a free download. With the band having reformed to play gigs a few years ago, the decision has been taken to release that album – entitled “Lost Treasure”. It was released on 23rd March by Escape Music. I’ve included the track “Damned If I Do” on the Friday NI Rocks Show this week (30th March).


Salty Dog formed in 1986 with Jimmi Bleacher on vocals, Scott Lane on guitar, Michael Hannon on bass and Khurt Maier on drums. Lane was soon replaced by Pete Reeven and the band travelled to the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales to record their debut album “Every Dog Has It’s Day”. By the time that album was released in 1990 the band was apparently already on the rocks – they would have needed sales of over 300,000 copies just to break even, and singer Bleacher left the band shortly afterwards. He was replaced by Darrel Beach on vocals for the recording of the demos for their second album, but the band split in 1991.


Talk of a Salty Dogs reunion dates back to at least 2006 but it took some time to get the 1990 era line-up back together in LA for a series of shows. The band’s debut album was re-released recently and the decision was then taken to officially release the previously shelved second album, even though it features Darrel Beach on vocals rather than Bleacher.


There are 11 tracks on the album and if you’re a fan of the Sunset Strip bands of the late 80’s you’ll find a lot to like on “Lost Treasure”.

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