“Arrows” is the long awaited third album from local band A Little Bitter and it was released at the end of February 2018 – on 22nd digitally and on CD on 26th. The band has been widely recognised on the local rock scene as one of the tightest, top quality rock bands in the country. Tracks from the band’s previous two albums have featured regularly on the NI Rocks Shows on Rock Radio NI and the track “Feathers” was the first from the “Arrows” to be featured on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 23rd February.


A Little Bitter formed in 2004, and features Jonny Armstrong on guitar and lead vocals, Seamy Donnelly on bass and Darren Pilkington on drums. They released their debut album “The Blood” in 2006 – that album includes crowd favourite “Further I Crawl”. The second album “New Dawn Evolution” was released in 2009 and included the anthemic, audience participation classic “Genghis” as well as my own personal favourite “Fallen”.


The third album “Arrows” has been produced, recorded and engineered by Brendan Donnelly. There are nine tracks on the album – Feathers, Arrows, Caught In A Sorrow, Long Way Down, Faith, Steady Drop, Weekend Girl, Diamonds and Ghost.

Trivia fans might be interested to know that “Caught In A Sorrow” is the first track from A Little Bitter to have more than three words in the song-title and “Long Way Down” is only the second track to have three words in the title. I guess the guys like to keep the titles simple – 21 of the 30 album tracks to date are single word titles - easier to write on the setlists maybe?


There was an album launch event in The Diamond Rock Club on 24th February and the band are working on booking more shows. Dates have already been announced on their Facebook page for Coalisland, Enniskillen, Armagh and Derry/Londonderry.


Check out the band’s website - https://alittlebitter.co.uk/ or Facebook page for more information - https://www.facebook.com/ALittleBitter/

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