Dissonance Productions have a growing reputation for bring us some great music from British rock bands that were around in the 80’s. The new album from NWOBHM band Desolation Angels called “King” is another fine example and it is released on 23rd February. I have included the track “Another Turn of the Screw” on the Friday NI Rocks Show this week.


Desolation Angels formed in England in 1981 and released their debut self-titled album in 1986 before temporarily relocating to California for a time. Their second album “While The Flame Still Burns” was released in 1990 and the band split up in 1994. In 2012 the band’s two guitarists reformed Desolation Angels and they released the EP “Sweeter The Meat” in 2014. The new album “King” was recorded with the late, great Chris Tsangarides.

During the 80’s and 90’s there had been two different vocalists, two different bass players and a number of drummers in the line-up. Constant throughout were guitar players Keith Sharp and Robin Brancher and they were responsible for reforming the band in 2012. The current line-up sees them joined by Paul Taylor on vocals, Chris Takka on drums and Clive Pearson on bass.


Check out the band’s website - http://www.desolationangels.co.uk/


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