“Raised on Rock” is the fifth album from German band Voodoo Circle and it is released on 9th February by AFM Music. This is the first album from the band to feature new vocalist Herbie Langhans from Avantasia following the departure of David Readman (Pink Cream 69) in 2016. The previous Voodoo Circle albums were always a great listen, and that certainly hasn’t changed. The classic rock influences remain, making “Raised on Rock” an album well worth checking out. I played the track “Running Away From Love” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 19th January and “Higher Love” on the Show on 9th February.


Voodoo Circle was formed by guitarist Alex Beyrodt in 2008 and released a self-titled album the same year. From the outset Beyrodt was joined by bass player Mat Sinner, his band-mate in Primal Fear, and they released four albums with Readman on vocals between 2008 and 2015. When Readman departed to work on other projects he was replaced by Langhans who had previously performed with Sinbreed, Beyond The Bridge and Seventh Avenue. The final member of the band is drummer Francesco Jovino who also performs with Beyrodt and Sinner in Primal Fear. On the previous album “Whiskey Fingers” (2015) the keyboards were provided by Alessandro Del Vecchio (best known for his production work with Frontiers), but this time around that role is filled by Corvin Bahn.

In simple terms, “Raised on Rock” is just a great rock n roll album. For me, further evidence of that came when I was playing it in the house recently and another rock fan for the past 35+ years asked what the great album was that I was playing! The answer – that’s Voodoo Circle, you need to check them out!


Find out more at http://www.voodoocircle.de/home/


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