“Six String Revolver” is the sixth album from English band Dante Fox and it was released on 24th November through AOR Heaven. The album actually features tracks from the band’s first two albums that have been re-recorded about 20 years after they first appeared. Dante Fox are a great melodic rock band featuring singer Sue Willetts and “Six String Revolver” provides an opportunity for fans of the genre to hear some tracks from the two albums released during the band’s first outing in the 90’s. I included the track “Firing My Heart” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 1st December.


Dante Fox was formed in late 1989 by vocalist Sue Willetts who teamed up with guitarist (and future husband) Tim Manford; those two still form the core of the band. The first album “Under Suspicion” was released in 1996, followed by “The Fire Within” in 1999. At that point, the band took a break for a few years, returning in 2005 to play Firefest and tour alongside Vixen and Girlschool. The third album, “Under The Seven Skies” was released in 2007, followed by “Lost Man’s Ground” in 2012 and then “Breathless” in 2016. I posted a recommendation for the latter on the Rock Radio NI website – http://www.rockradioni.co.uk/back-stage/music-reviews/2792-ni-rocks-recommends-qbreathlessq-by-dante-fox.html


The latest line-up of the band features Sue on vocals, Tim on guitars, Alan Mills on bass, Eric Ragno on keyboards and Scott Higham on drums. The band have appeared at many festivals over the past few years, most recently the HEAT Festival in Germany earlier this month, and are due to play the HRH AOR Festival in March.


There are 11 tracks on the album – re-recordings of five tracks from “Under Suspicion” and five tracks from “The Fire Within” plus a bonus acoustic recording of “All That I Need” from the latter album. A lyric video was released for the track “Firing My Heart”.


Check out the band’s website for more information - http://www.dantefox.com/


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