For people of a certain age (like me) the name Robin Beck instantly triggers memories of that coca-cola advert from the late 80’s that made her track “First Time” a huge success. Whilst that may have been her only UK success, there is a lot more to Robin Beck’s career than that one track. On 13th October Frontiers Music released her tenth studio album called “Love Is Coming”. Some of the tracks are a little too mellow / melodic for me personally but the talent is undeniable and there are enough ‘heavier’ tracks to keep me happy. I included the opening track “Island” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 27th October.


After starting as a backing singer, Beck released her first solo album in 1979, but it wasn’t until after the success of “First Time” that her next album, “Trouble or Nothin’” was released in 1989. That album was produced by Desmond Child and featured tracks written by some high profile names. Two more albums were released before she took a break from music; returning in 2003 with her fifth album “Wonderland”. In the interim she had married James Christian from House of Lords and he recorded and produced this latest album along with Clif Magness.

Robin Beck was part of the “Rock Meets Classic” tour in 2012 and since then she has toured Europe on a number of occasions promoting her own albums, the most recent of which was “Underneath” in 2013.

Clif Magness plays all the instruments on the album, with the exception of a few guest appearances. Tommy Denander provides a guitar solo on “Love Is Coming” and plays rhythm guitars on “On The Brightside” whilst John Huldt performs a guitar solo on “Crave The Touch” which also features keys and percussion from James Christian.


There are 12 tracks on the album – “Island”; “On The Bright Side”; “In These Eyes”; “Love Is Coming”; “Me Just Being Me”; “On To Something”; “Lost”; “Crave The Touch”; “If You Only Knew”; “Here I Am”; “Girl Like Me” and “Warrior”.


The Robin Beck website is

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