“The Crowning of the Fire King” is the latest album from Swedish doom metal band Sorcerer and it was released on 20th October via Metal Blade Records. The doom metal genre can be a little hit or miss with me personally, but that maybe comes down to the numerous sub-genres that I get lost in! (Have I mentioned recently that I hate the whole sub-genre categorisation thing that goes on in rock music!) However, I judge what I like on what I hear, and I liked this album when I checked it out! The track “Sirens” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 13th October.


Sorcerer initially emerged in the late 80’s and released two demos that were popular with fans – these were eventually released on CD in 1995 even though the band had split-up in 1992. Following a re-union for the Hammer of Doom Festival in 2010, the demos were re-mastered and released again. Eventually the band recorded and released what is essentially their first album, “In The Shadow of the Inverted Cross” in 2015, followed later the same year by the EP “Black”.

There have been a lot of line-up changes over the years, but the current line-up features vocalist Anders Engberg and Johnny Hagel on bass who were both involved in that initial demo in 1989. The other members are Kristian Niemann and Peter Hallgren on guitars and drummer Richard Evensand.

There are just 8 tracks on the album, but most of them are pretty epic 6 to 10 minute long offerings. There is a short instrumental called “Nattvaka” which I wasn’t overly fused on, but other than that, all the tracks tick the boxes – riff filled, attention grabbing, loud and great vocals. Epic! (See what I did there! Epic Doom – that’s a sub-genre thing you know!).

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