If anyone thought I wasn’t going to post a recommendation for the latest Tyketto release, “Live From Milan”, they clearly don’t know me very well! Granted, I don’t post recommendations for a lot of the live albums or compilations that we get sent or that I play tracks from; but this is Tyketto!! The album was released through Frontiers Music on 13th October and features a performance from the Frontiers Rock Festival that saw the band play every track from their debut album “Don’t Come Easy”. I included “Wings” on the Friday NI Rocks Show this week.


Tyketto never really achieved the level of success and recognition that they deserved, but they have a dedicated fanbase around the world. In Danny Vaughn they also have one of the best singers and performers in the business – be it for Tyketto, his solo work or any of his other projects. My videos of Tyketto and of Danny’s solo performances in the Diamond Rock Club feature 4 times in the ‘Top 10 Most Viewed Videos’ on the NI Rocks YouTube channel.


The current Tyketto line-up features founding members Danny Vaughn on vocals and Michael Clayton Arbeeny on drums, plus Chris Green (ex Furyon) on guitar, Ged Rylands (ex Ten and currently Rage of Angels) on keyboards and Chris Childs from Thunder on bass.

“Don’t Come Easy” was the band’s debut release in 1991 and at the Frontiers Rock Festival IV in Milan this year Tyketto played the entire album from end to start. Those 10 tracks plus “Rescue Me” from “Strength in Numbers (1994) and the title track of their latest album “Reach” (2016) are included on this live recording. The Milan performance is also available on DVD or Blu-Ray – these include “Dig In Deep” which is the title track of the band’s 2012 come-back album.


Check out the band’s website at https://www.tyketto.com/ or

https://www.facebook.com/TykettoTheOfficial/ https://twitter.com/wearetyketto

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About “NI Rocks Recommends”

The simple idea behind “NI Rocks Recommends” is to acknowledge and promote some of the great music being submitted to Rock Radio NI. I'll not be giving marks or ratings or analyzing the tracks in great detail; just telling you something about the artist and the album. It’s a personal recommendation to go check something out, not a traditional “review”!

My musical tastes cover most things rock; from the not too melodic to the not too heavy. The albums that I’ll be recommending are those that you’ll hear me playing tracks from on my shows on Rock Radio NI.

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