“In Range” was actually recorded back in 1979 and it was to have been the third album from the band Target, but was never released before the band split in 1982. After almost 40 years it is finally being released on 20th October through Escape Music (at the same time as another “lost” recording by the band Gypsy Soul). Target featured the late Jimi Jamison on vocals before he went on to front Cobra and Survivor and this release is well worth checking out.



Target formed in the mid 70’s and released two albums through A & M – “Target” in 1976 and “Captured” in 1977. The band consisted of Jimi Jamison on vocals, Tommy Cathey on bass, Paul Cannon and Buddy Davis on guitars and Bill Marshall on drums.


“In Range” was produced by the band members and bass player Cathey has stated that he believes it to be the best work from the band and that it features a different sound than the earlier albums. Interestingly, this new release was mastered by JK Northrup who was a member of Gypsy Soul.


There are 10 tracks on the album -

1- Tightwire 03:29 / 2- Love Magician 04:45 / 2- Too Much Good Lovin’ 03:32 / 4- Hold Tight  03:06 /  5- Taxman 03:18 / 6- Means That Much 04:01 / 7- Come On 03:18 / 8- A Place Called Hot 03:02  / 9- Don’t You Think Its Time 03:25 / 10- Echo Tango 04:37 (demo) bonus track

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