“Horizon” is the debut album from Brazilian band Owl Company and it was released via One RPM on 14th July. We picked up on the release through our long-time contributors New Ocean Media. Owl Company tick all the boxes for me when I’m wanting to listen to something at the more metal and gutsier end of my music spectrum rather than the softer melodic side. I played the track “Black n Blue” on the Friday NI Rocks Show uploaded on 21st June and then “Play With Fire” on the Show uploaded on 6th July.


Owl Company formed in São Paulo, Brazil in 2015 and took their influences from a range of rock bands from the 70’s through to the current day. The press release refers to “a sound that is fresh, aggressive and engaging” and that pretty much sums it up. The band have been building up their fan-base at home in Brazil and with the release of “Horizon” aim to expand onto the international scene.

Owl Company are Enrico Minelli on vocals, Felipe Ruiz on guitars, Fabio Yamamoto on bass and Thiago Biasoli on drums.

There are ten tracks on the album and in addition to those that I’ve featured on the Show so far, my favourites would be “Ain’t Time For This”, “Deathrow” and “Riddles”.


Check out the band at https://www.facebook.com/corujaofficial/ or https://twitter.com/owlcoband


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