Riverdogs formed in California back in 1989 and 28 years later, they’ve just released their fifth album; coincidentally entitled “California”. The album was released through Frontiers Records on 7th July. Belfast born guitarist Vivian Campbell is no doubt the highest profile member of the band – he played on the self-titled debut in 1990 before going on to play in Shadow King and then of course Def Leppard. The single “Welcome to the New Disaster” featured on the NI Rocks A-Z Show uploaded on 26th June and “American Dream” will be included on the Friday NI Rocks Show this week.


The current Riverdogs line-up features Vivian Campbell on guitar, Rob Lamothe on lead vocals and guitar, Nick Brophy on bass and keyboards and Marc Danzeisen on drums. All, apart from the latter joined the band in 1989 and played on the debut album. Danzeisen joined in 1990 just after the release of “Riverdogs”. By the time the second album “Absolutely Live” was released in 1992 only Lamothe and Brophy remained, with the latter taking over as guitarist. A third album, “Bone” followed in 1993 before the band went into hiatus. The current members reunited in 2003 to play a few shows and record some material, but the next album “World Gone Mad” only materialised in 2011.

Six years after their last album, Riverdogs have returned with “California”, an album featuring 11 quality tracks. It is one of those albums that continues to grow on you with each listen and picking favourite tracks is difficult. At the moment stand-out tracks for me are “American Dream”, “The Revolution Starts Tonight”, “You’re Too Rock n Roll”, “Welcome to the New Disaster” and “Catalina”.


Check out the band’s website at http://www.riverdogsmusic.com/ for more info.

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