Any album release that features singer Jorn Lande is always eagerly anticipated and this time that expectation was raised even further after checking out the list of musicians working on his latest project. Needless to say his latest offering once again lives up to expectation. Jorn’s album “Life on Death Road” was released via Frontiers Music on 2nd June. I included “Fire to the Sun” on the Friday NI Rocks Show uploaded on 24th May and “Hammered to the Cross (The Business)” on the Show uploaded on 8th June.


In addition to his solo work, Norwegian singer Jorn Lande has been involved with many bands or projects over the years.  His list of album releases is rather impressive and amongst the album recommendations on the Rock Radio NI website you’ll find his solo project, the Allen/Lande project and his partnership with Trond Holter for “Dracula”.

Supporting him on this album you have four fifths of Voodoo Circle or three sixths of Primal Fear – depending on how you want to look at. Guitarist Alex Beyrodt, bass player Mat Sinner and drummer Francesco Jovino all play in both bands, whilst keyboard player Alessandro Del Vecchio is a member of Voodoo Circle (as well as being involved in numerous other projects). The latter also produced the album.

Jorn took almost two years writing, recording and getting this album ready for release and has stated that he didn’t want to do “just another” Jorn album. I’ll let others debate the finer detail, it’s sufficient for me to say that “Life on Death Road” is an excellent album featuring 12 great tracks.

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