Mat Sinner is one of those names that seems to appear on a very regular basis when I’m checking out new releases. He is probably best known for his involvement in Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle and the “Rock Meets Classic” tour as well of course for his band Sinner. When I recorded an interview with Mat in January 2016 we chatted about all these projects as well as his involvement in Level 10 with Russell Allen and the Kiske/Somerville album ( ). At that time the tracks for a new Sinner album were written, but not yet recorded. That album is “Tequila Suicide”, which was released by AFM Records on 31st March. I played the track “Road to Hell” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 31st March and “Gypsy Rebels” is included on the Show on 21st April.

Sinner formed back in 1982 and made a big impact in the German rock scene alongside the likes of The Scorpions, Accept and Helloween. Since 1982 the band have released 18 studio albums (including the current one), though their sound has varied over the years from power metal to melodic and back to a more heavy rock focus. “Tequila Suicide” retains that focus on heavy rock but also includes a great bluesy rock track called “Sinner Blues”. The album also features some note-worthy guest appearances from Ricky Warwick, Gus G, Magnus Karlsson and Pete Lincoln.

Sinner are Mat Sinner on bass and vocals, Tom Naumann and Alex Scholpp on guitars and Francesco Jovino on drums.

There are 10 tracks on the standard album, with another three available on other versions. All the tracks are great, but my favourites would include “Road to Hell”, “Dragons”, “Battle Hill”, “Gypsy Rebels” and “Loud & Clear”.

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