“Endure and Survive” is the latest album from Blaze Bayley and it is the second part of a sci-fi trilogy that commenced with “Infinite Entanglement” in 2016. The new album was released on 3rd March via Blaze Bayley Recording. I recorded a 40 minute interview with the former Iron Maiden singer in February and we chatted in depth about the new album and much more. This interview can be heard on the Friday NI Rocks Show dated 3rd March along with 3 tracks from the new album.  The Show is available via the On Demand Player or can be read online - http://www.rockradioni.co.uk/interviews/3074-ni-rocks-interview-with-blaze-bayley.html.


Blaze Bayley has once again worked with Absolva to record the album, particularly with Chris Appleton who co-produced it. There are also many other contributors providing musical input, backing vocals or spoken word.

The first part of the trilogy told the story of someone undertaking a thousand year journey through space and part two sees him reach his destination, but is much darker and focuses on what has happened to him to get to this point. The final part will be released in March 2018. In the interim, Blaze and his band will have completed another extensive touring schedule across Europe and America.

There are ten tracks on the album. Blaze chose to play the title track “Endure and Survive”, along with “Escape Velocity” and “Eating Lies” on the Show. Other tracks that I would single out would be “Blood” and “Fight Back”.

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