There are some albums that you know you’re probably going to love before you listen to them, but that still really impress you when you do! “Silver” by Swiss rock legends Gotthard is one of those albums. It was released on 13th January via PIAS (Musikvertrieb in Switzerland). I’d played the single “Stay With Me” on the NI Rocks A-Z Show on 20th December and on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 13th January. The opening track “Silver River” is featured on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 20th January.


Gotthard released their self-titled album 25 years ago and “Silver” is their twelfth studio album. It’s the third album with Nic Maeder on vocals, following the death of Steve Lee in 2010. The other members of the band are Leo Leoni and Freddy Scherer on guitars, Marc Lynn on bass and Hena Habegger on drums.

I don’t do those annual, end of year Top 10 album type posts, but if I did (and I know it’s only January) it’d be very likely that “Silver” would feature high in that list!! I’ve no doubt it’ll be included in a lot of people’s highlights of 2017 lists – or at least those with any taste!

There are 13 tracks on the album and usually at this point I list my favourite ones, but I really can’t make that call yet. They’re all excellent and it was a difficult enough task picking which track to play on the Friday NI Rocks Show this week.

Check out the band’s website for more info, tour dates (none in the UK unfortunately) etc -

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