“The Unrevealed Secret” is the debut album from a band called Eternal Idol and features stand-out vocal performances from Fabio Lione and Giorgia Colleluori. The band brings together a former lead singer for Hollow Haze (Lione 2013-2014) and the current singer (Colleluori since Aug 2015) as well as 2 other current members of that band. “The Unrevealed Secret” was released on 2nd December via Frontiers Music.



Eternal Idol is the latest project featuring singer Fabio Lione who fronted Italian band Rhapsody of Fire from 1995 until September 2016 and has been in Brazilian band Angra since 2012. The other driving force behind the band is Hollow Haze guitarist Nick Savio. He is joined by Hollow Haze singer Giorgia Colleluori and drummer Camillo Colleluori (presumably there is a relationship of some sort there too – married or siblings?). The final member of the band is bass player Andrea Buratto from Secret Sphere.

I’m not sure how you’d categorise the Eternal Idol sound, should you feel the need to; but whatever you want to call it, I like it! Melodic metal or symphonic rock probably seem the most appropriate genre. There are certainly elements of Rhapsody of Fire and Hollow Haze in the mix but Eternal Idol have their own distinct sound, particularly with the duel vocals of Lione and Colleluori.

There are 12 tracks on the album and my personal favourites would be “Evil Tears”, “Awake in Orion”, “Sad Worlds Unveiled” and “Beyond”

Check out the Eternal Idol Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/eternalidolband/

And website - http://eternalidol.it/

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