Norwegian band NiteRain released their second album, entitled “Vendetta”, on 2nd December.  If you’re into sleazy, hard rock music and have a taste for bands from the current day delivering that 80’s sleaze / glam sound, then this is a band you’ll want to check out. I’m certainly not a mega sleaze / glam rock fan, but NiteRain wouldn’t be at the extreme edge of that genre either and there is plenty I like about their new album. The track “Lost and Wasted” is included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 23rd December.


NiteRain formed in Oslo around 2006 and starting releasing demos on MySpace (back when it was good place to find new music) before releasing their debut album “Crossfire” in 2013. Since then, the band has toured across Europe and the USA, playing festivals such as Rocklahoma and Sweden Rock.


NiteRain are Sebastian Tvedtæs on vocals, Adrian Persen on guitars, Frank Karlsen on bass and Morten Garberg on drums. You can find out more about the band on their website -

A video was recorded for the track “Rock n Roll” during the summer of 2015 as the band prepared for their follow-up album. There are a total of 11 tracks on the new album and my favourites would be “Lost and Wasted”, “Rock n Roll”, “One More Time”, “Electric” and “Vendetta”.

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