Seattle band Q5 released two albums in the mid 80’s before splitting, and now 30 years later are back with their third album called “New World Order”. This was released on 8th July through Frontiers Records. I definitely didn’t own either of the early Q5 albums and I’m not one of those blessed with the ability to seemingly remember the set-list of every gig they went to and every decent band they ever heard on the Friday Rock Show, Power Hour etc.  So I listened to “New World Order” with no real expectations and I have to say I liked what I heard. There are some very 80’s sounding tracks and some that sound more modern. I played the track “The Right Way” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 10th June and “New World Order” on the Show on 22nd July.





Q5 originally formed in Seattle in 1983 and released “Steel The Light” in 1984. Following tours with Twisted Sister, Y&T and Lita Ford they signed with Polygram for their second album “When The Mirror Cracks” in 1985.  The band split-up shortly afterwards, with singer Jonathan K and guitarist Rick Pierce going on to form the band Nightshade. That band continued to release albums and tour. After former Q5 bass player Evan Sheeley joined Nightshade they agreed to play a Q5 set at the Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany in 2009. That sparked a renewed interest in the band and Q5 played Sweden Rock in 2014 as a “one-off”, before officially reforming and heading into the studio to record “New World Order”.

The current Q5 line-up consists of original members Jonathan Scott K on vocals, Rick Pierce on guitar and Evan Sheeley on bass as well as Dennis Turner on guitar and Jeffrey McCormack on drums.

There are 14 tracks on the album. In addition to the two tracks mentioned above, my favourites would be “We Came Here to Rock”, “Unrequited (A Woman of Darkness and Steel)” and “A Warrior’s Song”. There’s also a great instrumental track called “Mach Opus 206”.

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