Black Whiskey are one of those bands that I liked from the moment I listened to the opening few minutes of the first track that I heard from them. Any band that delivers top notch bluesy, “classic” rock tunes is always going to tick the boxes for me. It’s a genre in which I’m probably most comfortable, as some “melodic” rock offerings can be a little boring and the heavier end of the rock spectrum just ain’t my thing.

That first track from Black Whiskey was “Stone Cold Comfort” - from an earlier EP. Another track - “All Seeing Eye” - was later made available as a free download and reinforced my initial view. The band is now releasing their debut album “Heavy Train” through Rocksector Records on 9th February. The album certainly lives up to the expectations raised by those first tracks that I heard and demonstrates that Black Whiskey are easily accommodated in that bluesy, classic rock genre.

Black Whiskey are Simon Gordon (ex Xentrix & Hellfighter) on vocals, Kev Ingles on guitar, Mark T. Parkin on bass and Rich Bannister on drums. The fantastic train art work on the album cover is the work of Steve Stone whose designs have been used by Iron Maiden, Stephen King, Fox TV (The Walking Dead) and others.

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I’ve already played at least three different tracks from the album on the Friday NI Rocks Show on Rock Radio NI – “Stone Cold Comfort”, “All Seeing Eye” and “Hungry For Bullets”. Others that I would highlight include “The Devil Rides” and “The Coming Storm”.

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