Sister Sin is another of those great Swedish exports; touring and releasing albums for over ten years. Delivering a heavier style of rock than a lot of the Swedish bands, the female-fronted Sister Sin is definitely a band to check out if you haven’t already!  They released their latest album “Black Lotus” through Victory Records on 27th October. Whilst the band’s website and the media releases refer to this as the band’s fourth album, more specifically it’s actually the fourth original studio release through Victory Records which is based in the USA. The first single from the album is “Chaos Royale” (included on the Friday NI Rocks Show broadcast on 31st Oct).

Sister Sin formed in 2002 and released their first album “Dance of the Wicked” in 2003 (this was later re-released by Victory Records in 2013). Signed to Victory Records in 2008, they went on to release “Switchblade Serenades” (2008), “True Sound of the Underground” (2010) and “Now and Forever” (2012) prior to the latest album. The single “Rock ‘n’ Roll” in 2011 also featured Doro Pesch.

The current line-up includes Liv Jagrell on vocals, Jimmy Hiltula on guitar, Dave Sundberg on drums and Strandh on bass. The band has toured extensively in Europe and the USA and supported acts such as Motorhead, Lordi and U.D.O.

For more info on Sister Sin check out their website

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