Daylight Robbery have just released their latest album “Falling Back to Earth” – it is now available for download, with physical copies available soon. This is the follow on to the excellent debut album “Cross Your Heart” which was released in 2011 and which you may have heard tracks from on some of the NI Rocks Shows on Rock Radio NI. Daylight Robbery are a band that trace their history back to the late 80s when they were playing in the clubs around Birmingham (England) and supporting touring bands in the area.



After parting ways in the mid 90’s, two of the original members of the band reformed Daylight Robbery in 2010. The original members of the band are Tony Nicholl on vocals and Mark Carleton on guitar. They’re joined by Colin Murdoch on bass, David Billingham on keyboards and Chris Miller on drums. “Cross Your Heart” was well received in the melodic rock / AOR arena and Daylight Robbery supported Uriah Heap on tour and played some of the big AOR festivals. With “Falling Back To Earth” the band deliver a worthy follow up to their 2011 debut and fans of heavy melodic rock will certainly be impressed.

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