Few people are likely to have heard of X-Drive ahead of the release of their debut album “Get Your Rock On” by Frontiers Records on 22nd August. The band were brought together to record the album in 2013 and got signed to a worldwide deal in the process. What caught my eye in the press release was the involvement of Burning Rain (and Montrose) frontman Keith St John on vocals. Anything involving St John is always worth checking out, and that proved to be particularly true with X-Drive. “Get Your Rock On” is a fantastic debut and hopefully it’ll be followed up by live performances and more albums.

X-Drive was formed by Jeremy Brunner, a largely unknown guitarist / song-writer who arrived in Los Angeles and managed to pull together some fantastic musicians and others to work on his tracks. In addition to St John and Brunner, there is James LoMenzo from White Lion on bass and Fred Fischer from Midline on drums. Producer Andy Johns finished the X-Drive tracks just before his death and the album was mixed by Wyn Davis who has worked with band such as Black Sabbath and Whitesnake. When LoMenzo refers to the tracks as a homage to 80’s rock and Fischer talks about big arena rock anthems you get a feel for what the album delivers.

The opening track “Love’s A Bitch” is played on the Friday NI Rocks Show broadcast on 15th August. A video has been released for the first single – “California”.

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For more information check out http://www.x-drivemusic.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/XDriveMusic


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