Usually I try to get album recommendations posted around the time that the album is being released. This one slipped through the net though as it was released through Rat Pak Records on 24th June. I did play a track on the Friday NI Rocks Show recently however.  “Electric Wake” is the third solo album from Ronny Munroe, the former frontman for Metal Church. It follows on from an EP in 2007 and full length albums in 2009 and 2011.

Ronny once again has a few guest artists on the album, most notably George Lynch on “Ghosts” and Dave Rude and Pamela Moore on “The Others”. Videos have been released for both these tracks and for “United” which would be another of my favourite songs on the album.

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Ronny Munroe has a great vocal range and in the past he has also worked with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and fronted progressive rock band Presto Ballet. His vocals, supported by some excellent riff laden guitar playing, make “Electric Wake” well worth checking out.

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