FM frontman Steve Overland is widely recognised as one of the best vocalists around and he seems to work constantly. I interviewed Steve back in February 2014 and have been wanting to have another chat for quite some time to talk about the numerous projects that he is involved in. At a quick count I reckon there has been 17 albums released since 2014; where Steve is the lead vocalist or one of the lead vocalists – plus numerous other guest appearances! We finally managed to get a chat over the phone on 20th November – to talk about the latest Overland album “S.I.X.”, other recent releases from FM, Lonerider and Kings of Mercia, his plans for the future and much more.


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AC/DC - For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

KRIS BARRAS BAND – Unbreakable

KOBRA PAIGE - Under One Sun

DAVE RUDE - Hell and Back

OVERLAND - One Touch

Interview with STEVE OVERLAND Part 1 (12 min)

OVERLAND – Together Alone

Interview with STEVE OVERLAND Part 2 (7 min)

FM – Long Road Home

Interview with STEVE OVERLAND Part 3 (6 min)

LONERIDER - Lonerider

Interview with STEVE OVERLAND Part 4 (9 min)

OVERLAND – Disconnected


NIGHT DEMON - Escape From Beyond

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST – Heart and Soul (ft Robin McAuley & Kirk Hammett)

SAXON - Hell, Fire and Damnation

CROSSBONE SCULLY - I’m Unbreakable

EXTREME - The Mask

MAGNUM - Blue Tango

GOTUS - Take Me to the Mountain

CRAZY LIXX - Fire It Up (’23)

FIREWIND - Come Undone

MAMA’S BOYS - Power and Passion

NO HOT ASHES - Come Alive