Under the Surface 72 and as Easter is here!! I took some time to dig deeper into some longer tracks and some new releases as hopefully we have some down time in the coming week. This week celebrates Pete Steele’s untimely passing, tracks from new discoveries “Head of Demon”, something from the new “Meshuggah - Immutable” and raking over some long forgotten gems in the shape of the Maldoror Kollective and Warhorse. Don’t worry there is still the familiar warmth of the likes of Accept and LA guns as well.

Under the Surface 71 track list is below.

Dream Theater  -  Caught In A Web

Fates Warning  -  Through Different Eyes

Sammy Hagar  -  I Cant Drive 55

David Lee Roth  -  Yankee Rose

Dag Nasty  -  Values Here

The Stench  -  Downhill

Demons and Wizards  -  Blood On My Hands

Iced Earth  -  Hold At All Costs

Aphonic Threnody  -  Life Stabbed Me Once Again

Stillborn  -  Permanent Solution

The Haunted  -  Hollow Ground

At The Gates  -  Slaughter Of The Soul

Alex Harvey  -  Midnight Moses

Captain Beefheart  -  Upon The My O My

Deep Purple  -  All The Time In The World