Under the Surface has been operating for just over a year now and thanks to all that have got in contact and sent in requests. This week’s show is Number 70 and takes a light touch look at the career of Scott Weinrich better known as Wino. There are very few musicians that have operated so prolifically in so many bands and projects over the last 40 years. This show gives a flavour of that with tracks from the likes of The Hidden Hand, The Obsessed and Place of Skulls. Also on offer this week is a glimpse of the latest Converge record – “Blood Moon” which is all enveloping and already shuffling into an annual top 10. Also alongside the above are tracks from the likes of Mortuary Drape and Clutch.  Going forward the playlist from the previous week will be put up to see what was missed!!

Under the Surface 69

Ozzy Osbourne - Steal Away

Kiss - Love Her All I Can

Death - Zombie Ritual

Gruesome - A Waste of Life

Ghost - Spillways

Saxon - Age of Steam

Bethlehem - Gestern Starb Ich Schon Heute

Immolation - Age Of No Light

Iron Monkey - Fink Dial

Bog Oak - A Sea Without Shore

Faith No More - Cuckoo For Caca

Cardiacs - Day Is Gone

Iron Maiden - Invaders

Van Halen - Where Have All The Good Times Gone

Ozzy - Diary Of A Madman