Into May we go with the 75th show which has a great mix of all things Hard Rock, Grindcore, Prog Metal and everything in between. This month we are moving into Festival season and will be playing some of the great bands that have at last returned to the live arena and some that will soon be saying their farewells.  As promised below is the tracklist for show number 74.


Skyforger - When Usins Rides

Trouble - End of My Daze

Debridement - Dissolved in Acid

Regurgitate - Devoured By Ghouls

Deep Wound - Deep Wound

Dinosaur Jnr - No bones

Slauter Xstroyes - City of Ciratel

King Crimson - Red

Eric Wagner - Isolation

The Saints - Nights in Venice

Sleep - The Clarity

OM - State of Non Return

Dr Feelgood - Milk and Alcohol

Rose Tattoo - Rock N Roll Outlaw

Manes - Ende