Under the Surface 73. The eggs have been decimated, the tea caddy is empty but my head is full of the greatness of Dream Theater the other night!! This week in store to get you moving there is High Spirits, Cannibal Corpse, Extreme Noise Terror, Portrait and Porcupine Tree.  So turn up the volume invite your friends and enemies and get those heads

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Under the Surface 72 Playlist

Overkill  -  Necroshine

Accept  -  Midnight Mover

Meshuggah  -  The Abysmal Eye

Head of Demon  -  En to Pan

Maldoror Kollective  -  Rythmagick Disturbance

Ministry  -  Lay Lady Lay

Warhorse  -  Dooms Bride

Acid King  -  Coming Down from Outer Space

Type O Negative  -  Gravitational Constant

Virgin Steele  -  Through the Ring Of Fire

Bon Jovi  -  Lay You Hands on Me

LA Guns  -  Rip and Tear

Moonspell  -  Alma Mater

Venom  -  Bursting Out

Long Distance Calling   -  The Last Day