“Discharge” is the excellent debut album from Brazilian band Electric Mob and it was released on 12th June by Frontiers Music. The album has produced one of the best singles of 2020 – the awesome track “Devil You Know”, which has featured on the Friday NI Rocks Show three times so far as well as on the NI Rocks A-Z Show. The tracks “Upside Down” and “Far Off” have also featured on the Friday NI Rocks Show recently.


Electric Mob formed in Curitiba, Brazil in 2016 and features Renan Zonta on vocals, Ben Hur Auwarter on guitar, Yuri Elero on bass and Andre Leister on drums. Zonta rose to prominence following an appearance on the Brazilian version of ‘The Voice” and the band released a 4 track EP called “Leave A Scar” in 2017. They were subsequently signed to Frontiers Music, joining that labels growing roster of new bands.

Singer Renan Zonta also appears on “We Are The Night”, the latest album from Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall which was released by Frontiers Music on the same day as the Electric Mob album. He sings on the tracks “Kingdom Falls” and “Dreams and Scars”.

Check out the band’s website at https://www.electricmob.com.br/

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