“The Voice Within” is the first solo album from Italian guitarist and songwriter Luca Sellitto and it was released on 6th December by Pride & Joy Music. The album features 8 tracks and three of these are instrumentals. There are three different vocalists on the other five tracks. These include Göran Edman on the track “Land of the Vikings” which was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 20th December.


Luca Sellitto formed the band Stamina in 2001. The band released a couple of demos ahead of their debut album release, “Permanent Damage”, in 2007. Since then they’ve released three more studio albums and most recently, in 2019, the live album “Live in the City of Power”. Sellitto is the only long-term member of that band and there have been several different vocalists.

On “The Voice Within” Sellitto has worked with three different vocalists for the five non-instrumental tracks. “Land of the Vikings” features Göran Edman, the former vocalist for John Norrum and Yngwie Malmsteen, who has worked on numerous albums with a range of bands over the past 35 years. He also appeared on two tracks on the 2014 Stamina album “Perseverance” with Sellitto. Henrik Brockman, formerly of Royal Hunt and Evil Masquerade, appears on the track “What If”. The other three tracks feature Rob Lundgren who has worked on several projects over the past ten years.

Also performing on the album are two other former Yngwie Malmsteen members - drummer Patrick Johansson and bass player Svante Henryson (who also plays cello). Sellitto plays all the guitars and keyboard and also wrote all the tracks and produced the album. He mixed and mastered it alongside Fabio Calluori at Sonic Temple Studio in Italy.

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