“Brave Tin World” is the fifth album from Swedish metal band The Murder of My Sweet and it was released on 6th December by Frontiers Music. The band is generally described as symphonic, gothic or cinematic metal and it has been fronted since its formation in 2007 by singer Angelica Rylin. The track “Tin Soldiers” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 1st November, followed by “Head of the Snake” on 15th November.




The Murder of My Sweet was formed in Stockholm in 2006. Singer Angelica Rylin and drummer / keyboard player Daniel Flores are the only founding members still with the band. The debut album “Divanity” was released through Frontiers Music in 2010, but the band moved to AFM Records for the release of “Bye Bye Lullaby” in 2012. Rylin then released a solo album called “Thrive” as Angelica in 2013 and also appeared on the Rated X self-titled album alongside Joe Lynn Turner in 2014.

The band returned to Frontiers Music for the release of “Beth Out of Hell” in 2015. That album was the first to feature all four current members of the band – Rylin, Flores, guitarist Chrsitopher Vetter (who also played on the second album) and bass player Patrik Janson. The Murder of My Sweet released their fourth album, “Echoes of the Aftermath” in 2017.


Check out the band’s website - http://themurderofmysweet.com/ - and all the usual social media pages.


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