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RRNI was started in January 2010 it has built up a Team of local rockers who have put in an awfull lot of effort and hard work between interviews , recording shows  and getting drunk at the RRNI gigs! , I have had a ball in 2010 with RRNI and have experienced some great new bands .

Below is the year in review from the some of the  hosts at RRNI , I wish to thank Nigel, Nik , Seatzie , Balatty , Keith , John Kelly , John Nellins and Davy for their dedication and help through 2010

Rock Radio NI

2010 for me was an eye opening experience starting RRNI , getting to listen to some great bands , meeting some great people and finding out first hand the ups and downs of Rock Promotion and running an online radio station but it was all worth it!.

The local rock scene has been booming with the hard work of all the promoters namely Derwin and the guys at the Diamond Rock Club Winterfest nough said!, Helen and Alan at Hells Bellz Promotions for some great nights down in Bangor, Davy Warren for his great Danny Vaughn gig ,Phil at SONI for some great nights in Belfast and Tina at Ma Nelsons for her Battle of the Bands/ Band Wars and other gigs all of whom have been keeping the local scene alive and kicking!

Not forgetting the Bands themselves who have supported RRNI through out the year between supplying great tracks , live recordings and playing at the RRNI gigs including   Last Known Addiction, Strictly No Ballroom , The Rubber Plants , Worldsend , Inch High, Black Freeway , Trucker Diablo, Triggerman , Double Wide , Balefull Creed, Rebels By Nature, Cross Eyed Mary , Escape Fails , Dirty Stevie, Mask Mantra , Sweet Taste , A Little Bitter , Ajenda, Cave Hill, Sister Marko, Hotter Than Hell  and a big thanks to Pat McManus and his band for ending the year on a high for us by having an absolute legend play at the RRNI Christmas Party.

Eamon Nancarrow for producing a great book Holywood Star if you havent heard about it probably because he doesnt like mentioning it ! , it's one of the funniest books i've read if you havent got it get it!

Big thanks to Greg at the Pavilion for supplying us with a great venue in 2010, Vic from Earth Music Studios for doing great work with sound at our gigs saved my bacon a few times  , The Roost Bar for Rock N Roost and my first experience at djing in a bar, Tina at Ma Nelsons for taking us on for 2011 and the guys at Paradise City for working with us on the DJ Rock Nights!

Finally thanks to everyone who has supported the local rock scene , bought cds/t-shirts from bands , attended gigs / club nights or tuned in to our shows you guys make it worth while!

Phil \m/