We have launched on a much simpler and easier to use web site , we have removed the forum as no-one one was really using it !.



We felt that the RRNI site needed a new modern look and something that allowed people easy access to the main function (The Radio!) as well as the listen again and live players which is what Rock Radio NI was started for , these are easily accessable through the new radio player at the top of the page as well as drop down menu at the top 'Listen In' .

To listen to previous shows it's simply a case of selecting 'Listen In' and then 'On Demand Player' this will give you a simple to use Playlist with all the previous shows from the past month layed out in order of when they were uploaded just click and wait for the music to come out of your speakers.


Another great but often forgotten playlist is the 'Live Sessions' these include live performances from great bands such as A Little Bitter , Double Wide along with special segments for RRNI including extracts read by Mr Holywood Star himself Eamon Nancarrow , to access these simply click 'Listen Again' and then then 'Live Session' like the on demand player it has the same interface so just click on the item you want to hear and it will start streaming to your pc instantly!


We will be putting a lot of emphasis on reviewing new CD releases from local bands as well as gig announcements and other local Rock news of interest , you will be able to comment on these directly on the page using your facebook account , we look forward to getting your feedback and keep checking back for the latest news from us and our friend Monk (Paradise City Belfast) + Jonny (Belfast Metal Heads Reunited) who have allowed us to link into their blogs for the latest Rock views!


Finally RRNI has been going strength to strength thanks to the hard work of all involved hosting weekly shows and making the station what it is today as well as all the listeners who tune in every week I thank you all !


Keep it Rock!  \m/