“Straight Out of Hell” is the first album by Ghostreaper and it was released on 6th December by Pride & Joy Music. Ghostreaper is a project developed by Mikk Hollenberg, the guitarist in German metal band Voodoma. The album features ten tracks in differing genres performed by ten different international vocalists. The track “High Noon” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 20th December.


Mikk Hollenberg is one of the founding members of Voodoma, a German metal band that has released seven albums since forming in 2002 – the latest being “Gotland” in 2017. His concept for Ghostreaper was to record an album with a Wild West theme using different international vocalists and with the tracks being in different musical styles.

There are ten different vocalists from ten different countries on the album, although some tracks feature two, three or even four different singers. The vocalists are Deibys Artigas from Venezuela, Sandra Bullet from Portugal, Eric Castiglia from Italy, Onur Kaplan from Turkey, Danny Kross from Algeria, Diane Lee from Switzerland, Laut Lindmae from Estonia, Jordy Noran from the USA, Michael Thionville from Germany and Evgen Zoidze from Ukraine.

Hollenberg wrote all the tracks and plays guitars, bass and keys on the album whilst Wolle Haitz plays drums and percussion. There are also international contributiors on banjo, piano, harmonica, trumpet and cello.


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