I pre-ordered quite a few vinyl releases during 2019. The last of them to arrive was the new Tygers of Pan Tang album “Ritual” (which I’d ordered in red vinyl along with the t-shirt). The album was officially released on 22nd November by Mighty Music. As a fan of the Tygers since the early 80’s there was never a question over purchasing the latest album and it be would amiss not to post a recommendation as well! The single “White Lines” has been included on the Friday NI Rocks Show three times, and more recently we’ve played “Damn You!”, “Destiny” and this week “Spoils of War”.





Tygers of Pan Tang formed back in 1978 and the band has been through numerous line-up changes during both their first outing up to 1987 and then following their reformation in 1999. The only surviving member from the formation of the band is guitarist Robb Weir. However, the current line-up has now released two studio albums and an EP together.

Joining Robb in the current line-up are singer Jacopo ‘Jack’ Meille (for his fourth album), drummer Craig Ellis (who has played on all the albums since the band reformed), bass player Gav Gray (who has played on the last three albums and also on the “Live at Wacken” album in 2001 during an earlier stint with the band) and newest member, guitarist Mickey Crystal, who joined in 2013.

There have been five different lead singers on the twelve studio albums released by Tygers of Pan Tang but Jon Deverill and Jacopo Meile are the only vocalists to release more than one. The singer on the band’s debut album “Wild Cat” in 1980 was Jess Cox. He was replaced by Deverill for the next five albums, including two released by a reformed line-up that excluded Robb Weir in 1985 and 1987.

Probably the most famous member of the band though was guitarist John Sykes who played on the albums “Spellbound” and “Crazy Nights” which were both released in 1981. He also played on a couple of tracks on “The Cage” in 1982. Sykes and Weir are the guitarists on “Live at Nottingham Rock City” which was recorded in 1981 and released in 2001. The latter was remixed and remastered and released as “Hellbound, Spellbound Live 1981” earlier this year (another of my pre-orders!)


Check out the band’s website at http://www.tygersofpantang.com/official/

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This is purely a personal recommendation and some information about the artist and the album; not a traditional ‘review’. Most of the recommendations posted are for albums that have been sent to us digitally by the record label or promoter. Quite often I’ve also bought the album on CD or vinyl as well and sometimes I just feel the need to post a recommendation for an album that I’ve bought myself. Essentially these are albums that I like and which I’ve played some tracks from on the Shows on Rock Radio NI!


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