“Gods and Monsters” is the new album from English band Redline and it was released on 22nd November by Escape Music. The band formed in 2006 and has now released three albums. Redline will be familiar to those attending events such as Hard Rock Hell and the Planet Rock festivals and their track “King of the Mountain” has become synonymous with the Isle of Man TT races. The title track “Gods and Monsters” was included on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 15th November.


The band has been through a few line-up changes since forming in 2006. An EP called “King of the Mountain” was released the same year and the title track has gone on to become an unofficial anthem of the Isle of Man TT Road Races. When the Redline debut album “Ignition” was released independently in 2007 it was with a new lead vocalist, Liam Doherty, who departed no long afterwards. Current singer Kez Taylor joined founding members, guitarist Ade Yeomans (A.D.) and drummer Mark Biddscombe in 2009. Bass player Steve ‘Reg’ / ‘Redvers’ Hill joined the band in 2010.

Redline released their second album “Vice” in 2012. It actually features re-recordings of six of the ten tracks that were included on the first album “Ignition” – including “King of the Mountain”. The album was released through Escape Music.


For the release of “Gods and Monsters” the band has been joined by guitarist Chris Basener. The new album was recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales with Nick Brine.


Check out the band at https://www.redlinerock.com/

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