“Universe” is the third album from Los Angeles based symphonic / modern metal band Edge of Paradise and it was released on 8th November by Frontiers Music. The female fronted band formed in 2011 and has worked with high profile producers such as Michael Wagener, Chuck Johnston, Mike Plotnikoff and Jacob Hansen on their releases to date. This is their first album release since signing with Frontiers. I’ve played the track “Alone” on the Friday NI Rocks Show on 27th September followed by “Fire” on 1st November.


Edge of Paradise was formed in LA in 2011 by vocalist Margarita Monet and guitarist Dave Bates. Monet had trained as a pianist and won awards, before moving from Europe to the USA to study. Bates had been in band called Bleed along with MSG frontman Robin McAuley. When the two met and formed Edge of Paradise they worked with seasoned performers like Tony Franklin, Gregg Bissonette and Bjorn Englen to record their first album “Mask”.

The second Edge of Paradise album “Immortal Waltz” was released in 2015 and was co-produced by Bob Kulick and Michael Wagener. That was followed by a five track EP called “Alive” in 2017.


Monet and Bates are joined in the band by guitarist David Ruiz, bass player Vanya Kapetanovic and drummer Jimmy Lee. Check out the band’s website at http://www.edgeofparadiseband.com/


The band are currently on tour in Europe, supporting Sonata Arctica, and plan more tour dates during 2020.


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