This tour was shaping up to be excellent , a great lineup covering great songs but it seems to have gone pear shaped ! (They had left Belfast out of the tour schedule for starters!) , it would seem that the originally announced line up has decided for unannounced reasons to depart from this project , the following statement was taken from Danny Vaughns facebook page





After a great deal of soul searching, I am very sad to announce that the rest of the band and I have decided to pull out of The 80s Rocked Tour. I’m not at liberty to go into the detail as to why, as there could be legal ramifications if I do.


We are told by the organisers that the tour will still go ahead, with another band stepping in to take our place.

We have no more information on this, so if you have questions or queries, I can only suggest you contact management at or via the Facebook page.

Just so it's understood:

CHRIS CHILDS, DANNY VAUGHN, HARRY JAMES, CARL SENTANCE, DAVE BISHOP, JON PEASE and MATT PRIOR have ALL left the production of "The 80's Rocked" and will not be appearing at any of the scheduled shows.


We would like to send our most profound apologies to fans and ticket buyers for any disappointment and inconvenience caused by our non-appearance. This is not a decision we made lightly, we simply felt we had no choice.



Danny Vaughn



Más información:


With all the members leaving there has obviously been something massive by the promoters to have caused such an upset , it'll be interesting to see the reason and even more interesting if the promoters can fill the boots left by that amazing original line up!.

For us in Northern Ireland who werent going to get a show anyways (as always!) but are still going to be graced with the excellent Danny Vaughn on the 3rd Of December in the Rosseta Bar full details can be found on the following facebook event!/event.php?eid=389015902532

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