OKAY, as cynical old rock and metal bastard there are few occassions when I come close to pissing myself laughing when a well turned sneer serves better.

And, as someone who detests labelling bands by specious genres I again came close to pissing myself laughing. Mr Loveday I bow to your descriptions, and even though I have heard only two of these bands I may venture to hear such unique sounds.

I've highlighted the genres...

06 August · 16:00 - 21:00  at The Limelight The Distortion Project Presents:

CONANLiverpool Battle Doom

DRAINLANDSouthern Grump Core

SLOMATICSShould Know Better

DE NOVISSIMIS - Dublin Piratecore

WAR IRONBelfast Beef

Sat 6th August, Limelight Belfast. £5 door tax - Belfast Beef, Dublin Piratecore, Southern Grump Core, Battle Doom death match with 'Should Know Better'...As an aged purveyor of this rock and metal shit I'm in the Grump Core corner

Authors: Jonny

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