CAUTIONARY NOTE: This isn't a review. When you pay in you shouldn't review stuff. This is an opinion, rather than a structured review. Also I suffered a severe allergic reaction...light headed and blurred vision on the night in question. Some have said it was the Guinness...mayhap they could be right!

Anyhoo - after that tortuous note on with the point of this wee blog post. Last Saturday night those kind and occassionally reliable people at Translink managed to deliver me safely to the comfortable confines of Ye Olde Limelight in that fashionably desolate Ormeau Road. Asides from saying hello to some old acquaintances (hi there Sid, Kyle, Martin, Mick etc) and finally f-2-f with Seatzie the purpose of the journey was to finally see Trucker Diablo live.

But first there were a couple of other musical appertiffs to be had.

A band I had not seen before are Third Harvest (I think that's what James at DP said!) and if it was something else I apologise as I was relatively sober at that point. They were very, very, very tight, prodicing an amalgam of styles ranging from progressive metal arrangements to straight forward heads down; all nailed down to within the finest breadth of the high 'e' string. Get in touch guys, would love to hear some more and get some background.

Next up were Soundstone.I confess that I have a soft spot for Soundstone. There is a rough and ready strut about them that always appealed, not to mention Adrain's tasty lead playing. Last week they were a bit looser than normal, owing to lack of gigging, but there was that nice wee look about them that speaks of a band than can sleaze about in any company.

image Trucker Diablo enticed me when they forwarded an e-version of their album to assault my ears. There was that certain something about them that an old wrinkly rocker like me can't ignore. They're a party band, a band up there to lay down the riffs, tear up the night and leave you wondering why they're not on tour with an international package - hey there's an idea; The Answer, M$R, Trucker, S/Stone and LKA (plus any other NI bands you care to mention - ripping venues a new arsehole.

image Okay - enough of wishful thinking and diversions - I'll not belabour the point but I was Drinking Beer, Trucker Destroyed, and later on that night and early the next day I felt as if the Big Truck ran me over. If you don't get those references, get the album 'The Devil Rhythm, get the beer in and enjoy yourself til your wee cotton rockin' socks are ripped off in sheer rockin' metal delight.

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