RIGHT you lot - time to be part of the exciting competition to decide which band will fly the Northern Ireland metal flag at Bloodstock - yes Hobgoblin backed Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses gets underway on February 21st.
image This is a unique opportunity for bands - and for fans to have their say in who will represent NI. In each heat and right through to the final - fans will be voting. Fans votes will count for 50% of the score, and the panel of judges 50%.
Yes, that's right, this is your chance to come along, enjoy a show and exercise your democratic metal franchise.
Heat One sees four bands go head-to-head as Sorrowfall, Bakken, Altus and Paradigm will be vying for your vote and the nod from the judges in the Limelight2.The full schedule of dates for Hobgoblin's Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses is as follows - ink them into your diary, put them in your MS Outlook calendar, add them to your smartphone reminders, but just be there to help decide - this is a band competition like no other; a battle of the bands, battling for a Bloodstock slot.
You can decide who are the soldiers of metal and who are the real warriors who will blast Bloodstock. 

  • Saturday 21st February. Limelight 2. Heat 1
  • Saturday 7th March. Limelight 2 - Heat 2
  • Thursday 12th March. Voodoo Heat 3
  • Saturday 4th April. Limelight 2 - Heat 4  
  • Saturday 18th April. Limelight 2. Heat 5
  • Friday 24th April. Voodoo. Semi Final
  • Saturday 2nd May. Limelight 2. Semi Final
  • Friday 8th May. Voodoo. Final
See y'all there for some righteous metal!

Authors: Jonny

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