RAVEN Kings is the fourth album from swedish melodic death metal band Engel and the first to feature new vocalist Mikael Sehlin.
The album is made up of eleven concise songs mostly clocking
in around the three and a half minute mark. Most songs follow the template of growled/gruff vocals and clean sung chorus
image Standout tracks to me are 'Fading Light' which has a catchy, almost poppy chorus backed with double bass.

This is followed by 'My Dark Path' which is another melodic song. The biggest departure is 'I Am The Answer' which has clean picked guitar lines and haunting vocals
This is by no means a bad album but the issue I have with albums like Raven Kings is that  they can be quite one dimensional.
The production is clear and mechanical which can make it soulless but ultimitely if you're a fan of Engel and melodic death metal in general this album will appeal to you
Review by Gavin O`Connor

Authors: Jonny

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