WHEN Audrey Horne played Belfast as part of the Youngblood tour it is fair to say that the crowd was sparse - yet such was the strength of the performance that word of mouth has been such that nearly 10 times the actual crowd are now claiming to be present.

We, have the photographic evidence showing that several members

of the Belfastmetalheadsreunited/RockRadioni team were present - and if we weren't fans before then we simply left awed by the band.

The fact that it is now 2014 and Audrey Horne are back round Europe backing their 'Pure Heavy' release belies the fact that they have been around since 2002....

Recently we caught up with Arve Isdal (a.k.a. Ice Dale) to hear a little bit about Audrey Horne's onward march as 2015 comes ever closer.

As ever, with all but a few bands, it was the year's of hard work that led to 'overnight success' when 'Youngblood' hit home in charts, live and in the hearts of fans of honest hard rock.

"It was a bit of a breakthrough for us," said Arve. "We had been putting a lot of work to getting to that stage, but when we began to tour to back it we were pleased at the response.

"We got offered more tours and tour slots and began to see more people turning out to see us."

To a large extent the twin duelling guitars of Arve and Thomas and Toschie's larger than life stage presence brought that classic melodic hard rock sound, so it's no surprise when Arve name-checks some of his influences as "Kiss, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Sabbath" and influences such as "Dave Gilmour and Richie Blackmore".

But that two-guitar sound owes a lot of classic Lizzy and UFO - something which Arve concedes, as we explored with him the difference between 'Youngblood' and 'Pure Heavy'.

"When we went into the studio to record it [Youngblood] we had it written, but wanted a rawer, more live sound," he said. "And, that meant we were recorded it relatively quickly and when it came out it had that edge we were after.

"With Pure Heavy we went back to the studio we had the songs written too, but we wanted to add the textures and layers that so many of our favourite artists and bands have developed over the years."

And, in our review on its release we acknowledged the silky rocking quality of 'Pure Heavy' makes it an essential purchase for hard rock fans.

Before we bade farewell to Arve, we wanted to explore that Belfast gig. Everyone there was levelled by Audrey Horne's commitment, energy and passion in front or around 50 people.

"That's kind of you to say that," said Arve. "We always give our all on stage, but when there is a smaller crowd we feel that we have to give that bit extra to sort of say thanks to those people who made the effort to come out to see us."

And, while they certainly did that, we are pretty much certain that wherever you catch Audrey Horne, if you can, on the current European jaunt or future tours it is a live experience that takes the recorded output and gives it a rocket fuelled boost to Pure Heavy rock nirvana...

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